Hiperfire PDI MCX Drop-In Trigger Kit – Fits SIG MCX


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The HIPERFIRE Power Drop In trigger kit for the Sig MCX is designed to give reliable operation with a reduced pull weight. Unlike other aftermarket triggers, the PDI from HIPERFIRE will never give you light primer strikers. This is thanks to its advanced hammer face design, which hits with more force than a Mil-Spec M16 hammer, guaranting your gun goes bang when you need it to. The HIPERFIRE PDI Sig MCX trigger assembly is tough enough to use in blowback operated pistol caliber AR platform operated rifles. PCCs are notorious for spraying junk all over trigger components, but the HIPERFIRE PDI is built tough enough to withstand that.


  • Color: Black
  • Fits: Sig Sauer MCX
  • Hits with more force than a military M4 hammer
  • No light primer strikes
  • 2 lb pull
  • Drop in fit
  • Tough enough to withstand PCC blowback use
  • Made in the USA

HIPERFIRE designs and manufactures firearm accessories with objectively superior performance for the modern sporting rifle. Experience the product of a burning desire to innovate that can only be called a passion.


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